Cloudy water after bowel movement???!?

aaron h Asked: Cloudy water after bowel movement???!?

For the past 3 weeks ive had diarrhea, cloudy water after bowel movement and my stomach is always growlng. And when I wipe.. the edges of the toilet paper are yellow, almost like a mucus, and after i go i feel like i havent emptied my bowels all the way even though i have. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday but I'm super paranoid about this!

Could it be a parasite? Or maby irritable bowel syndrome? I don't have any pain or anything and I feel fine, just the symptoms listed above. I would really appreciate any info anyone could give me. Thanks(:


Portobelle Answered:
Try not to worry aaron it could be the things you have mentioned and surprisingly it could also be constipation. This type of constipation is when your constipated however some of the liquid escapes past the hard faeces so ultimately you will feel like you still have to go.
Dont worry im sure the doctor can help with whatever it is, worrying will also make it worse so try not to
Good luck

Lizzy Answered:
Your gonna be just fine…wait until you see your doctor next week to have him examine you, run some test and suggest a treatment plan.I would make sure that you tell him exactly all of your symptoms as well as how long you have been having them.. How& what you eat, and drink..any drugs or medications which you are taking.
Just because you feel like your bowels are emptied, does not mean they are.
Do not have a heart attack while waiting to see your doctor, I also would also not try to self diagnose, let the doctor do this.
Continue to eat & drink proper and if the symptoms worsen, call the doctor…other wise, stay calm and wait and see what the doctor suggests.
Good luck.

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