What can cause sweet-smelling stool? Celiac?

Taylor Asked: What can cause sweet-smelling stool? Celiac?

I have sweet smelling stool. It smells like digestive biscuits (that's cookies for you americans!). I dont eat biscuits or sweet foods in general……. I have been told it is not a sign of diabetes as diabetes only makes urine sweet….. and i don't have other diabetes markers like weight loss, extreme thirst, slow-healing etc……. this seems to be a digestive / absorbtion thing.

I was diagnosed with ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) a long time ago but that shouldnt have absorbtion issues or produce sweet stoools……. so Im wondering what it could be? Celiac disease? I definitely dont tolerate wheat well…… or something else….. My other symptoms, bloating, gas etc, and i go very pale a lot as well as feeling sick….

Any ideas? Thanks very much.


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